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The World's Most Advanced Point of Sale Software
Fast, flexible and packed with convenient features, WinRest™ and it's family of products enhance every sales environment. WinRest™ restaurant management software is  the most trusted,  secure,  reliable  and affordable point of sale solution that actually helps Owners and Operators succeed. WinRest™ is found across the world and there is a reason why it has been ranked # 1 in many Independent North American and worldwide Customer satisfaction surveys again and again. Fast, flexible and packed with convenient features, WinRest™ and it's family of products are renowned for their simplicity and ability to enhance any sales environment.

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Major Features Winrest LITE™ WinRest PROFESSIONAL™
Advanced table service  
Automated remote menu utilities **   *****
WinRest Enterprise Desktop™ ** ***** *****
15min sales updates ** ***** *****
Quick service
Take out
Advanced payment options
Advanced reports  
Basic reports
Call Centre Capabilities ****   *****
Course control  
Customer-facing display support
Customizable order entry screen
Customizable room settings  
Customizable receipts
Display change after cash out
Employee utilities
Fingerprint protection support
Gift card and Loyalty program **** ****
Graphical table management  
Hold and send  
Inventory management  
Kitchen screen support
Labour scheduling
Liquor system integration *** ***
Loyalty / Gift card program **
Map integration for delivery *  
Menu Stock
Mobile Pay™ capabilities * ***** *****
Multiple language support
Operator transfer  
Price Scheduling  
Print SRM / MEV tags
Remote printing
Reservations and waiting List *** ***
Split / transfer bill  
Tab transfer  
Table time and ownership  
Time and attendance
Wireless pin pad support
Payment Type Capabilities    
American Express©
Cash buttons
Cheque / Check
Diners Club©
Gift Card
Gift Certificate
House Account
Meal plan
Access to Sales from anywhere * ***** *****
50+ real time reports  
Standard reports
End of day e-mail *  
Export to Excel© or Google Docs©  
Export to CSV format  
Table Screen Functionality    
Change room  
Client collection  
Course control  
Customizable UI (User Interface)  
Customer database  
Operator transfer  
Room design  
Table time and ownership  
Tab transfer  
Table transfer  
Transfer all tabs  
Global Settings    
Auto gratuity
Auto z  
End - of - day email (EOD) *  
Default loyalty rate  
Kitchen order summary  
Option screen password protection
Show guest no. in sales  
Table ownership  
Add-on Modules Support    
AdScreen *** ***
Caller ID *** ***
Fingerprint reader *** ***
Pole Display
Scale Interface ***
SRM / MEV *** ***
WinAuthorize **** ****
WinRest Enterprise ***** *****
WinRest Asset Controls **** ****
WinRest Digital Signage **** ****
WinRest Mobile Pay ***** *****
WinVue Kitchen Display *** ****

        *            Separate internet connect required.
        **          Separate license required.
        ***        Separate license and/or hardware required.
        ****      Separate license, internet connection and hardware purchase required.
        *****    Monthly Subscription to and/or seperate license required.

To Learn How To Get Started you can always chat live with an ABS Expert Advisor or call 905-278-7975 today.

System Requirements

Supported operating systems
Windows POS Ready 2009
Windows XP SP2 and above
Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 10 (x86 and x64)

Supported architectures
32-bit (x86)
64-bit (x64)

Hardware requirements
1 GHz or faster processor 1 GB of RAM (1.5 Ghz if running on a virtual machine)
1 GB of available hard disk space
600 MB of available hard disk space (language pack)
5400 RPM hard drive
DirectX 9-capable video card running at 1024 x 768 or higher display resolution.
Magnetic Card Reader (Optional)
Barcode Scanner (Optional)
Scale (Optional)
Pin Pad for accepting payments with WinAuthorize™ (Optional)

Software requirements
Microsoft .NET Frameworks 3.5
Firebird SQL 2.5

WinRest is compatible with Windows 8

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