Extend Your WinRest™ Support

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Extending your limited warranty is just a call away. Important note - Extension applies only to warranty and service terms still in effect purchased through your Authorized WinRest™ reseller. If your warranty and service term has expired, you are not eligible for this extension, however, if that is the case, we are still here for you.

Why It's Important to Extend You Service Support
1. Approximately 50% of issues occur after the first year.
2. A single service repair without warranty can start at $75-$150.

Purchasing a WinRest™ Extended Service Plan
1. To be eligible, you must currently be under the standard warranty period.
2. Visa, Mastercard credit cards are accepted.

Time to complete: About 3 minutes

Pricing Options
WinRest™ Online Unlimited Online Remote and Telephone Support
1 year    $495 CAD


Online Help

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