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WinRest™ has many features built-in to protect yourself, your staff and your data. Learn more about these features by reading our guides below.

Once you've added yourself and your staff, then assign unique passwords that are easy to remember. WinRest™ also has the ability to have staff sign in with their own swipe-cards, or by fingerprint*.

*Swipe cards and fingerprint readers are sold separately. Contact your authorized WinRest™ reseller to find out how to get started.

Password Protection

If you would like to restrict access to your Configuration Utility,  go  to  the Global Settings Utility.  Under  the  'Default Values' tab,  add a checkmark to the  "Configuration Password" check box and enter in your desired password.

For more information, please refer to the user manual.
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Employee Permissions

The Employee Permissions Utility is useful for adding further restrictions on particle employee options.

To Add/Remove Employee Permissions:
1. Access the "Employee Permissions Utility" from the Options Screen.
2. Select the employee profile to edit.
3. Add or remove checkmarks to the appropriate options.
4. Press "save" and restart the application.

For more information, please refer to the user manual.
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Track Time and Attendance

It is always important to remember, that altering or changing your settings may affect your warranty. It is always wise to contact your authorized WinRest reseller before making any changes, especially if you are  unsure.

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