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Q. Should I choose a software package that was designed specifically for my industry?

Answer: Not necessarily. Our restaurant management software is being implemented at many "non-restaurant" locations, such as Frabricland. While there are many industry-specific software packages available, many of them don't offer all of the features available in a general point of sale software package. Ask yourself what features you need now and in the future. Do you want a customer loyalty program? Do you need faster credit card authorizations over the Internet?

Q. Should I buy the point of sale hardware or the software first?

Answer: The single biggest mistake restaurateurs make when choosing a new POS system is buying the point of sale hardware before the restaurant software. The software you choose to run your business or franchise may not be compatible with your new point of sale hardware. Not all scanners, weight scales, or card readers will work with all restaurant software packages. Buying both the point of sale hardware and software from the same vendor can reduce or eliminate compatibility issues and can often reduce your overall technology costs.

Q. How will ABS Software help me make more money?
Answer: ABS Software can help you increase your profits in many ways. Quicker, more reliable checkouts mean less manpower is needed. Sales reports allow you to maximize you inventory levels and control costs. Built-in loyalty programs encourage higher ticket averages and repeat business from your customers. And if you are Talk, chat or contact an ABS POS Expert Advisor for about other ways a POS system can generate new income, reduce costs, manage an entire franchise give you more of your time.

Q. There are so many different POS software applications out there. How will I know how to choose the right one?

Answer: First and foremost, take the time to understand the specific needs of your restaurant, bar or entertainment complex. Establish your total technology budget. If necessary, break it down into the things you need this year and things that can wait until next year. Consider all factors, such as technical support, service after the sale, point of sale hardware, and integration with accounting packages or other business software you use. Learn more about how to choose the right bundle of hardware and software for your business. If WinRest™ is right for you, contact an authorized WinRest™ Expert Advisor in your neighborhood today.

Q. Is my store too small to benefit from a POS system?
Answer: More than likely, you can't afford not to have a point of sale system. ABS POS systems come in all sizes and are designed to fit businesses of any size—from single location mom-and-pop shops to the mega-chains with thousands of locations. Distinguish your wants from your needs, and talk to some technology vendors. You'll find all your software solutions for your point of sale that meets your needs—and your budget!

Q. How can an ABS Software help me run my business more efficiently?

Answer: A great POS system includes software that increases your efficiency by eliminating unnecessary work. Instead of using separate systems for your inventory, mail order, ecommerce, and wholesale divisions, choose one restaurant software package that can manage your entire business. Choose an ABS Restaurant POS system that increases your speed of service with faster ticket entry, on-the-fly data entry, and data-driven lookups.

Q. What is PCI DSS and why is it so important?
Answer: PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, is a strict set of standards designed to protect the cardholder's data from credit card fraud and misuse. The PCI Security Standards Council is an organization dedicated to the development and implementation of security standards for protecting credit card data. PCI Data Security Standards are developed and implemented by a collaborative effort from American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa International. If your software isn't compliant with PCI DSS, you may be subject to hefty fines. It's critical that you choose PCI-compliant software, such as WinRest™ that will protect your customers' credit card information as well as your business.

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Find Answers to all your questions about service options, pricing and other processes. Or visit the ABS YouTube channel for all the latest updates, videos and much more. And you can always chat live with an ABS Expert Advisor or call 905-278-7975 or 209-233-8846 today.