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License and Activation

Activating WinRest™
ia the Internet
1. Access the Options Screen.
2. Go to the System Settings utility.
3. In the bottom left corner, press the License Button.
4. Enter in your license code and press 'update'.

Activating WinRest™ with your license file
1. Access and download your "License.lic" file from
2. Go to the WinRest Program Files directory.
3. Overwrite/replace the "License.lic" in the WinRest™ Program Files folder.
4. Start WinRest.

**IMPORTANT** The Customer Receipt must then be updated to match the license information. Go to the Receipt Settings to complete activation.

Adding Additional Systems/Equipment or Configuration Changes
System configurations are tied to the WinRest™ license file, so in the event of adding additional equipment like Tablets, Terminals, AdScreen™, etc, additional licenses will be required. Hence, configuration changes after initial activation may require WinRest™ to be re-activated.

Feel free to contact your Authorized WinRest™ Reseller or call 905-278-7975 to speak with an Expert Advisor to learn more.

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Add / Edit / Remove a Device

The System Settings Tool allows you to add / edit or configure your extra devices, such as your printers, pole display, AdScreen, WinVue and much more. 

To Add Devices to WinRest
1. Access the System Settings Utility from the Options Screen.
2. Select "add device" from the button row of buttons.
3. Select the device that you would like to add to your system.
4. Restart the application.

**IMPORTANT**  Some devices require further customization.

To Remove Devices from WinRest
1. Access the System Settings utility from the Options Screen.
2. Select the device to remove so it has become highlighted.
3. Select the 'Remove Device" button from the bottom row of buttons.
4. Restart the application.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that backing up the database before removing devices to a new database may not be critical. However, backing up a database before editing an existing database that has been extensively configured, is strongly recommended.

To learn more about backing up a database in WinRest, review the Database Backup Scheduler section of the User Manual.

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WinRest™ Database Backup Schedule

Backing up your WinRest database is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your data. WinRest incorporates a configuration tool which works with Windows task scheduler to automatically make daily database backups. It is highly recommended to use an external USB memory stick to store any backups.

To Create a Database Backup
1. Access the System Settings Utility from the Options Screen.
2. Select "backup schedule" from the bottom row of buttons.
3. Select the start time.
4. Select the "target" or location of where the backup will go.
5. Add the Windows Administrator password.
6. Press "create".

IMPORTANT:  Ensure there is a password for the Windows® administrator User Account, as it is required when completing the Database Backup. For systems using Windows 7® and above, the account name will have to be the name of the Windows® administrator account. Otherwise, on systems with Windows XP®, leave the account name as 'administrator'.

Furthermore, feel free to make multiple backups throughout the day/week and to more than one storage medium.

To Restore From a Backup
1. Access the "system settings utility" from the Options Screen.
2. Select "backup schedule" from the bottom row of buttons.
3. Press "restore".
4. Find the backup file and press "ok".
5. The restore process will begin.

TIP: For windows 7® and above, try using the FDB Backup Manager that is available from the WinRest™ Program Files directory with compatibility settings for Windows XP SP3® and to 'run as administrator'. For instances when the restore does not start, try restoring the database on a Windows XP® based system.

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Global Settings

The Global Settings Utility is used for applying system wide changes. In other words, adjusting the settings in the Global Settings will apply the settings to every machine. There are several tabs to quickly find and apply desired settings.

Global Settings Default Values Tab
The first tab found in the Global Settings Utility is the default values tab. There, settings like fixed discounts, default menu groups, cash reconcile settings and much more can be configured.

Global Settings Report Tab

The next tab found the in the Global Settings utility is the Report tab. This section is meant for applying certain XML scripts to generate the hourly sales report. If no data appears when trying to generate an hourly sales report, the script will have to be added into the Hourly Sales Reports Periods section. This particular script should be available in the WinRest Installer package. If not, contact your authorized WinRest Reseller.

The Global Settings Addons Tab
The Add-ons Options tab is where many great features of WinRest™ can be enabled. Most, if not all features here are applicable to any hospitality environment and are beneficial to operations. Try the add-ons that are applicable to your specific requirements. Please note, the 'Activate SRM/MEV' is only required in the Province of Quebec, Canada, at this time.

The Global Settings Options Tab

The Options Tab is categorized in Sales, Tables and Reporting options. Feel free to try the features found in this part of Global Settings to see if they are applicable to your specific requirements.

The Global Settings EOD Tab
The section of Global Settings is where End of Day process, such as enabling Auto Z, custom End of Day (Z Report) Reports and more can be enabled. For those businesses that require WinRest Enterprise™ access, configuration settings are available in this section of Global Settings.

The Global Settings E-mail Tab
Those with outbound SMTP services can take advantage of receiving End of Day Reports delivered to an inbox virtually anywhere in the world that has internet access. Configure EOD E-mail access in this section of Global Settings. To send the EOD to more than one e-mail address, separate the e-mail addresses with a semi-colon. For example,;

Please note, this particular feature of WinRest™ requires users to have outgoing SMTP, and will require users to follow the outgoing SMTP settings set by the SMTP provider. Lastly, EOD E-mails are subject to the SMTP server being online. 

The Global Settings Pole Display Tab
The Pole Display tab is where welcome messages and delay settings can be configured. For pole displays to work in WinRest, please ensure that a pole display device with correct communication port settings was added to the System Settings utility.

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Options Screen

The Options Screen, or also known as the configuration screen, is the starting point for customizing every aspect of WinRest™ and its add-on modules, such as WinAuthorize™, WinVue™, AdScreen™, Mobile Pay™ and more. The Options Screen is accessible by signing into WinRest with a Supervisor profile.

Helpful Tip: Enhance the security of your system by adding a password to the Options Screen. To do this, visit the Default Values tab of the Global Settings utility.

If you have forgotten the Options Screen / Configuration Screen password, contact your Authorized WinRest Reseller.

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Payment Settings

The Payment Settings Utility found in the Options Screen allows you to configure what payment buttons appear when pressing the Pay Bill button from the Sales Screen. Using the Pay Bill button from the Sales Screen helps optimize payment processing and allows room for other buttons.

Adding The Pay Bill Button to the Sales Screen
1. Open the Button Library Utility from the Options Screen.
2. Select the Sales Screen.
3. Select the employee profile.
4. Search for and select the 'Pay Bill' Button.
5. Press the "add" button and save your changes.
6. Repeat this process to every desired employee profile.
7. Restart the application for the buttons to appear.

To learn more about adding / removing buttons, review the Button Library section of the User Manual.


Accepting Another Currency or Currencies from within WinRest™

Under the Payment Settings, Exchange Rate section, end-users can enter in the exchange rate in either two ways; no-fee, or fee-exchange.

1. No-Fee Exchange: Current approx. US CAD exchange is 100 US Dollar = 124.76 CAD or 1 US Dollar = 1.25 CAD. For a flat exchange rate, the value to put would be 1.25.

2. Fee Exchange: To earn money for the currency conversion,  the number to enter will have to be lower than the no-fee exchange value. For example, 1.10. Meaning, at 1.10 in the exchange rate section, a $10 bill would be $9.09 US. A value of 1 in the exchange rate section would mean that 1 US Dollar would be equal to 1 CAD.

To Implement Currency Exchange
1. Access the Payment Settings Utility from the Options Screen.
2. Select a currency from the drop down menu.
3. Enter in the desired value in the exchange rate field.
4. Continue adding the exchange rate for all accepted currencies and save any changes.
5. Access the Button Library utility from the Options Screen.
6. Add the Currencies to the Sales Screen for each employee.
7. Save your changes and restart WinRest™.
8. Access the Sales Screen, select an item and press the new currency button.
9. A prompt will appear allowing you to enter the amount received, then press OK.
10. Select the amount of change with the appropriate currency.

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Receipt Settings

The Receipt Settings screen will allow you to customize the look of your customer receipts and kitchen orders. By default, WinRest™ has configured the guest receipt for a typical restaurant application. Please be careful when making changes.

Customize the receipt to display social media links, promotions and much much more. And when you want to see how the receipt will appear, press the TEST button.

**IMPORTANT** Altering your receipt design should be done by authorized WinRest™ Resellers. The Restaurant name is tied to the WinRest™ License, so keep in mind that changing the restaurant name will affect activation. And make sure to make backups of the database file in the event that you need to roll back from any changes.

Customizing the Receipt / Kitchen Order Documents
1.Drag the icon of the object field on to the document.
2. Drag the text icon on to the document for a title of the object.
3. The Text options will appear. Add text and its settings.
4. Press 'OK' to save, 'Cancel' to discard any changes.

The Text Field

The first field is a Text field. A text field will allow you to create any personalized message that you want to print on every bill. This is typically used when you want to advertise promotions to your customers or include your tax registration number somewhere on the bill.

The Data Field
Data fields are always presented in red. Placing a data field on a receipt will cause the software to retrieve specific information from the database. You cannot control what information a data field provides. An example of a data field is the ITEM AMOUNT. This is taken from the database as programmed in the Menu Item Creation screen.

The Compute Field
Use the Compute field to make customized expressions or macros appear on the bill such as cost breakdowns, suggested tip amounts or customized item discount information. Consult your authorized reseller for more information and specific formulas used with this tool.

The NV Image Field
By using the software that came with your receipt printer you are able to store and print your company's logo on the customer receipts. Use this tool to place and position your logos, QR Codes, etc., on the receipt design.

The Image Field
By using the software that came with your receipt printer you are able to store and print your company's logo on customer receipts. Use this tool to place and position an image on the receipt design.

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Adding and Customizing the Order Number Using Receipt Settings

Customizing the Order Number That Appears on the Customer Receipt
1. Access the Receipt Settings from the Options Screen.
2. Drag the Database Field into the header section.
3. When the database field prompt appears, select No. of Day and press OK.
4. No. of Day will appear in red in the header section.
5. Drag the Text field into the header section and place it to the left of the No. of Day.
6. When the Text Field prompt appears, type Order #:  and then press Ok.
7. Press Save to save your changes. Now, the Kitchen Order doc will have to be updated.
8. Press the Document button on the bottom row, then select Kitchen Order from the list.
9. Repeat steps 2-6 to add the No. of Day to the header of the kitchen order document.
10. Exit the Receipt Settings utility and return to the Options Screen.
11. Access the Global Settings utility that is available from System Settings.
12. Under the Default Values tab, place 1,50 in the No. of Day Range field.
13. Press Save to save your changes.
14. Access the Options Tab, and enable Empty Order Table After EOD and then press save.
15. Send a test order to confirm that the order number is appearing on the kitchen and customer printouts.

The No. of Day range can be any value that you wish. The values will have to be separated by a comma. Using this method to reset  the order number at the end of day
can benefit fast-paced environments by making it manageable staff and patrons to call out and retrieve their orders.

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Revenue Outlets

If your business has more than one revenue outlet, or point of purchase area, then feel free implement the Revenue Outlet to enhance reporting organization. For example, an establishment that offers / sells merchandise in their restaurant / entertainment complex can label the system as a revenue outlet. 

Doing so will allow you to filter reports by revenue outlet to track down sales figures quickly and almost effortlessly.

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Room Settings

Designing your rooms in WinRest is quick and easy. Having your floor design in WinRest will allow staff to access their tables quickly, see how long their guests have been there, and much much more.

Designing Your Floor Space
1. Access the "Room Settings" from the Option Screen.
2. Press "new" from the bottom row of buttons.
3. Give your new room an appropriate name.
4. Add tables, bar-tops and more until your are complete.
5. Press "save".
6. Repeat this process for every room.
7. Restart WinRest for the changes to take effect.

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Sales Settings

The Sales Settings Utility found in the Options Screen will allow you to customize the look and feel of your Sales Screen. From the number of columns and rows, to the position of your menu groups and items, this utility will help streamline sales and ensure the fastest transaction times as possible.

Customizing the Sales Screen Layout
1. Access the Options Screen from within WinRest.
2. Go to the Sales Settings Utility.
3. Place a value for column and row for Section Menu.
4. Place a value for column and row for Item Menu.
5. When you are satisfied with the layout, press the OK button.
6. Restart WinRest for the changes to take effect.

The Position utility is used to arrange both the menu groups and menu items on the Sales Screen. Use this utility to organize the sales screen groups and items to met your specific requirements.

To Alphabetize the Menu Groups and Menu Items
1. Access the Options Screen from within WinRest
2. Go to the Sales Settings utility and press the POSITION button.
3. Press the Alphabetical Order button along the bottom row of buttons.
4. Repeat steps 3 for the Menu Items if required.
5. Press the SAVE button and then Restart WinRest.

To Reposition Menu Groups and Menu Items
1. Access the Options Screen from within WinRest
2. Go to the Sales Settings utility and press the POSITION button.
3. Select the group or item to move so it is selected.
4. Use the directional pad to move the group and then press the SAVE button.
5. Restart WinRest.

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The WinRest™ Table Screen

WinRest Professional and ENTERPRISE provide the features and flexibility Table Service Operators require, be it fine or casual dining, bar, delivery or all of the above.

The WinRest Table Screen is where users have a visual overview and control of the sales environment. The table screen environment is highly customizable, using the Room Settings and Button Library utilities.

Table Ownership
The Table Ownership feature can be implemented from the Global Settings and allows more control over access to tables and transactions. When enabled, tables opened by other users will appear gray in colour.

The WinRest floor plan is a very visual and detailed tool that can be customized to re-create the actual floor plan of your restaurant. There is a variety of different table , bar , floor and other miscellaneous pieces which can be used to represent your floor plan.

For more information visit the  ROOM SETTING TOOL & the OPTION SCREEN sections of the user manual.

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Tax Settings

The Tax Settings tool is designed to help you configure WinRest for your regional tax structure. WinRest 1.95 and above, can handle tax for North America and its tax settings have already been configured. If you are not sure if your tax structure is set up correctly, please contact your Authorized WinRest™ Re-seller.

Access to the Tax Settings can be located within the Options Screen. The tax settings screen consists of two major screens. The Base Screen and the Tax Group Screen.

A Tax Base is another term for the individual tax itself (i.e. HST, Michigan State Tax, etc.) It is possible to configure as many Tax Bases as you need. Later you can combine these base taxes to form groups.

Tax Groups are basically used to combine several tax bases together. If you do not require two bases in a group, you must still create a group for one base. If you want to create a new tax group, simply click New You must enter the description of the base. For example: GST or HST. Secondly you must input the percentage rate of the new base. If any of the exemptions or exceptions applies to your base then select them.

When you are finished, remember to save your changes. The Tax Group is created by
combining tax bases together. In most circumstances you will only require one base. It all depends on the tax system in your region.

Creating a Tax Group
1. Access the Tax settings from the Options Screen.
2. Press the New button on the bottom row of buttons.
3. Give the new tax group a description (Example. Donut Tax or Bakery Tax)
4. Then you must touch the grey box labeled 1
5. Select the tax base you wish to attach to the new group.
6. Save your changes and restart the application.

You can choose a total of four combined groups. Once you create a proper tax group, it will be available for attachment in the Menu Item Creation tools.

Tip: If you


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Using Images at the Sales Screen for Menu Items
WinRest™ has the ability to display images for menu items rather than text. To do so, follow the steps outlined below. Please keep in mind that the images will have to be .PNG file-types and named accordingly.

1. Access the Global Settings Utility and on the Default Values Tab, select LocalImage
from the 'Sales Screen Item Text' drop-down menu, and then press “SAVE”.

2. Access the Menu Item Details and take note of the ID Number for each item that will be displaying an image. Each Menu item will have a unique ID number. This number is required for naming and linking images to menu items.

3. Exit WinRest™ and Access the Program Files directory. Ensure there is a folder called "menu_images" there. If it is not there, create it.

C:\Program Files\ABS\WinRest 1.96\menu_images.

4. Place your .PNG images in the 'menu_images'folder of the WinRest Program Files directory. Each image will have to be named "item_x.png" where x=the menu item ID.

For example, item_31.png. 31 was the ID number found in the Menu Items Detail utility ID section.

5. Return to the Sales Screen, and the images will appear under the Menu Items section.

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Need more help?

Help from your Authorized WinRest Reseller
If you require more help with installing, upgrading, or activating your copy of WinRest, please contact your WinRest Authorized reseller today.

Help from a WinRest Expert Advisor

If you do not have an Authorized Reseller, contact us today to find out how to get started.

System Requirements

Supported operating systems
Windows POS Ready 2009
Windows XP SP2 and above
Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 10 (x86 and x64)

Supported architectures
32-bit (x86)
64-bit (x64)

Hardware requirements
1 GHz or faster processor 1 GB of RAM (1.5 Ghz if running on a virtual machine)
1 GB of available hard disk space
600 MB of available hard disk space (language pack)
5400 RPM hard drive
DirectX 9-capable video card running at 1024 x 768 or higher display resolution.
Magnetic Card Reader (Optional)
Barcode Scanner (Optional)
Scale (Optional)
Pin Pad for accepting payments with WinAuthorize™ (Optional)

Software requirements
Microsoft .NET Frameworks 3.5
Firebird SQL 2.5

WinRest is compatible with Windows 8

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